1. How much is the shipping charge?

It varies from country to country. Please add your favorite jewelry to the cart page to see applicable shipping charges.

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2. How long does the shipping take?

Depending on the design and zip code your CaratLane package will take 8-10 business days to get delivered.

PS: Contact our jewelry expert if you want faster delivery. We will try to expedite wherever possible.

3. Is my international order covered by insurance?

Yes, all of our shipping is insured and shipped via reputed courier partners like FedEx, DHL & UPS!.

Pricing and extra charges:

4. Do I have to pay customs and duty charges for my international order?

Yes, the customs and duties are included in the product price. You will not have to pay anything at the time of receiving your order..

5. Why is the price of the product in my local currency higher than the price in Indian Rupees?

The price in dollars includes applicable duties, taxes and forex transaction charges that we incur when we ship to your country from India.

Returns, exchanges and refunds:

6. How can I return/exchange an item shipped internationally?

We provide a 100% refund for returns within 15 days of purchase. Not applicable on personalized or engraved products. We also offer exchange within 15 days of delivery.

Choosing your favorite designs or customizing them:

7. How can I request a live video consultation or real images/video of the designs I like?

You can share the details with us on contactus@caratlane.us

8. How can I measure my ring size?

Use our ring sizer! Ring Sizer Guide

9. Can you customize a design just for me?

We are happy to help customize any design you have in mind and ship it to you.

10. Can I alter the size of any existing design on the site? For eg. chain / ring / bracelets?

Yes, we can help you customize the size of any existing design. However, the lead times for producing and shipping will get affected.

11. Can I buy a gift card as part of International order?

At the moment, we don’t include gift cards for international orders.

Payment and discounts:

12. I live in India and want to pay in Indian currency but get it delivered to an international location. Is it possible?

As per RBI guidelines, we can only accept payment in foreign currency for an International delivery. You can pay in foreign currency via an international PayPal account or credit/debit card issued internationally.

13. Can I use multiple coupon codes in the same order?

While we would love that, at the moment, it is possible to use only one coupon code in the same order.

14. Are xCLusive points applicable on international orders?

We’re afraid xCLusive points are not applicable on international orders. :(

Tracking your order or changing delivery address:

15. Once I’ve placed my order, how do I track it?

The moment your order is cleared at customs and dispatched, we will share the tracking link with you. In case of any queries before dispatch, please write to us at contactus@caratlane.us

16. Can I change my order delivery address after placing the order?

Yes, you can. Just drop us an email to contactus@caratlane.us and we will take care of the same :) (P.S: Provided we haven’t shipped it out already)

17. Why does my invoice show StudioC Inc as the company name when I order from CaratLane?

StudioC is 100% owned USA subsidiary of CaratLane.

18. I liked a design that is available in India but not available for USA shipping. What should I do?

Please drop us a mail on contactus@caratlane.us or call us at +1 (844)-922-2728 and we will make it available for you.

19. Can I place an order for Shaya jewelry?

We do not ship Shaya jewelry internationally at the moment.