1) Generic FAQ:

1. How can I make returns?

To make returns, you can contact our customer support to initiate returns here. We will then email you a prepaid shipping label which you can use to drop off the item(s) at the nearest UPS/FedEx office. The refund will be processed and returned to the source account once the item(s) has been received and passes quality check.

2. What are the shipping fees and delivery times?

There is a fixed shipping fee for orders below $300. Orders above $300 come with free shipping. Each item has a different estimated time of delivery which will be clearly mentioned on the product page as well as at the time of checkout.

3. How do I customise my jewelry?

You can reach out to our customer service team with your requirements and they will check with our design team for the possibility of customising a specific design.

4. Is it safe to buy jewelry online?

Yes, at CaratLane, we take utmost care in ensuring the delivery process is safe and that your jewelry reaches you intact. Your orders will be shipped to you fully insured. We urge all our customers to inspect their package(s) for damage or tampering before signing for receipt.

5. How much tax do I have to pay on buying jewelry?

The Local taxes in the US differ between states. You can add the jewelry to the cart, select the state and enter the zipcode to know about the applicable taxes.

6. What is the difference between Karat and Carat?

Carat is a measure of weight used to measure the gemstone whilst a Karat is the measure of the amount of gold in an alloy out of 24 parts. So, 14 or 18 Karat gold is out of the 24 parts. However, the use of carat (in place of karat) to indicate the fineness of gold is also considered acceptable.

7. How can I ensure the quality of my metal?

At CaratLane, all our jewelry is carefully handcrafted by fine artisans in India. Additionally, the jewelry is BIS hallmarked and carries an E certificate which mentions the jewelry specifications. BIS is the Bureau of Indian Standards which is the national standards organisation of India.

8. How can I make exchanges?

You can contact our customer support team. We offer exchange within 30 days of delivery. (This is not applicable on engraved and personalized products, and gold coins).

You can exchange their design within 15 days for the full value only once. Products already exchanged once are not eligible for the 15 day exchange for a second time. In case the exchange value is higher than the value of the old product, you will have to pay the difference. Do note that shipping costs are non-refundable.

9. Where is CaratLane from?

CaratLane is a brand of fine jewelry that originated in India and is marketed as a partnership with Tanishq. It began in India in 2008 with the simple motto of democratising jewelry and is now one of the top 20 e-commerce portals in India. It has now established more than 150 stores across the country.

Since July 2016, the company joined hands with India’s largest jewelry brand Tanishq making it an accessible brand worldwide. In 2019, on a whim, we began international shipping in hopes to remove existing barriers, geographically and economically for everyone to be able to experience a little, beautiful piece of India, no matter where they are. Given the great demand, we now have the new website for North America and our first warehouse in New York. We are now ready to ship to all states across the US and Canada.

10. How much is the shipping charge?

It varies from country to country. Please add your favorite jewelry to the cart page to see applicable shipping charges.

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11. How long does the shipping take?

Depending on the design and zip code your CaratLane package will take 8-10 business days to get delivered.

PS: Contact our jewelry expert if you want faster delivery. We will try to expedite wherever possible.

12. Is my international order covered by insurance?

Yes, all of our shipping is insured and shipped via reputed courier partners like FedEx, DHL & UPS!.

2) Pricing and extra charges:

1. Do I have to pay customs and duty charges for my international order?

Yes, the customs and duties are included in the product price. You will not have to pay anything at the time of receiving your order..

2. Why is the price of the product in my local currency higher than the price in Indian Rupees?

The price in dollars includes applicable duties, taxes and forex transaction charges that we incur when we ship to your country from India.

3) Returns, exchanges and refunds:

1. How can I return/exchange an item shipped internationally?

100% refund for returns within 30 days on all designs except personalized, engraved or gold coins. We also offer exchange within 30 days of delivery.

4) Choosing your favorite designs or customizing them:

1. How can I request a live video consultation or real images/video of the designs I like?

You can share the details with us on contactus@caratlane.us

2. How can I measure my ring size?

Use our ring sizer! Ring Sizer Guide

3. Can you customize a design just for me?

We are happy to help customize any design you have in mind and ship it to you.

4. Can I alter the size of any existing design on the site? For eg. chain / ring / bracelets?

Yes, we can help you customize the size of any existing design. However, the lead times for producing and shipping will get affected.

5. Can I buy a gift card as part of International order?

At the moment, we don’t include gift cards for international orders.

5) Payment and discounts:

1. I live in India and want to pay in Indian currency but get it delivered to an international location. Is it possible?

As per RBI guidelines, we can only accept payment in foreign currency for an International delivery. You can pay in foreign currency via an international PayPal account or credit/debit card issued internationally.

2. Can I use multiple coupon codes in the same order?

While we would love that, at the moment, it is possible to use only one coupon code in the same order.

3. Are xCLusive points applicable on international orders?

We’re afraid xCLusive points are not applicable on international orders. :(

6) Tracking your order or changing delivery address:

1. Once I’ve placed my order, how do I track it?

The moment your order is cleared at customs and dispatched, we will share the tracking link with you. In case of any queries before dispatch, please write to us at contactus@caratlane.us

2. Can I change my order delivery address after placing the order?

Yes, you can. Just drop us an email to contactus@caratlane.us and we will take care of the same :) (P.S: Provided we haven’t shipped it out already)

3. Why does my invoice show StudioC Inc as the company name when I order from CaratLane?

StudioC is 100% owned USA subsidiary of CaratLane.

4. I liked a design that is available in India but not available for USA shipping. What should I do?

Please drop us a mail on contactus@caratlane.us or call us at +1 (844) 922-2728 and we will make it available for you.

5. Can I place an order for Shaya jewelry?

We do not ship Shaya jewelry internationally at the moment.

7) CaratLane Specific Questions

1. Does CaratLane have a return or exchange policy?

At CaratLane, we want to make sure that our customers are fully satisfied. If for any reason you are unhappy with our product, we offer a no questions asked 30 day return and exchange policy. This is not applicable on engraved, personalized products and gold coins. All our products come with a 1 year warranty. Do note that shipping costs are non-refundable.

2. Does CaratLane offer resizing?

Depending on the design, CaratLane offers different resizing options. Do get in touch with us here to know more.

Call on ‎+1 (844) 922-2728 or email on contactus@caratlane.us

3. Does CaratLane offer financing or payment plans for jewelry purchases?

CaratLane has partnered with Klarna to offer various ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ payment and finance plans. To know more about your eligibility, please refer to Klarna’s T&Cs.

4. Does CaratLane offer insurance?

Be rest assured, all our shipments are insured while in transit.

5. Does CaratLane offer personal customization?

Yes! You can share the requirements and design images with us here to check with our design team if your desired customisation is possible.

Call on ‎+1 (844) 922-2728 or email on contactus@caratlane.us

6. Where can I find CaratLane offline?

You can get in touch with us using the following ways:
1. You can communicate via the chat option on the website.
2. You can WhatsApp us on +1(347) 593-0304
3. You can call us on +1(844) 922-2728

7. What are the Terms & Conditions for Referral Program ?

Thank you for participating in CaratLane’s Offer Referral Program (the “Program)! The Program allows users (the “Advocates”) to share an offer (“Offer”) by using a personalized link that Advocates share with their friends (the “Friends”). Subject to these Offer Terms, and as described below, Advocates and Friends will be able to obtain an online coupon code (“Reward”) that they can redeem with CaratLane.

By participating in the Program, you , as an Advocate or Friend, as the case may be (collectively, “You”), agree to enter into these Offer Terms with CaratLane. Your participation in the Program is also subject to your consent to be bound by the Talkable Referral Program Terms of Service (below), which are entered into by and between You and Curebit Inc. d/b/a Talkable (“Talkable”).

Subject to these Offer Terms and any other terms described in the offer page, the personalized links that Advocates share with their Friends will allow their Friends to obtain Rewards that ​they can redeem when making their first purchase order with CaratLane (a “Qualifying Purchase”). A Qualifying Purchase may be subject to a minimum spend. When a Friend uses an active personalized link to make his or her Qualifying Purchase with CaratLane, the Advocate who referred that Friend will earn their own Reward that the Advocate can use for future purchases with CaratLane or, if applicable, at third-party retailers. To qualify for a Reward, the Friend must be a new customer to CaratLane, but there is no requirement that the Advocate be a new customer. Rewards ordinarily are distributed via email after the completion of a Qualifying Purchase and after approval by CaratLane, in its sole discretion. Advocates may not earn more than 30 Rewards in 30 days or more than 1000 Rewards in total. Advocates may earn only one (1) Reward per Friend, regardless of the number of purchases that his or her Friends make. Rewards cannot be combined with other discount codes in a single order. To receive multiple Rewards, Advocates must introduce multiple Friends who make a Qualifying Purchase using the Advocate’s active personalized referral link. An Advocate cannot refer him or herself to earn a Reward. When sharing Rewards, Advocates must tell their Friends that Advocates will receive a reward from CaratLane if they make their Qualifying Purchase using your personalized link. CaratLane, in its sole discretion, may impose limits on how many Offers may be shared by an Advocate, as well as how frequently those Offers can be made, and Rewards may not be given if those limits are exceeded.

CaratLane reserves the right to refuse to issue or redeem a Reward to Advocates or Friends at any time. Further, CaratLane reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to
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To qualify for a referral promo code, the referred person must
(i) be a new customer,

(ii) use a referral link to obtain the promo code
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Advocates will receive a referral bonus coupon after the referral is confirmed and satisfies pre-defined criteria. Customers are limited from referring people within the same household. Referring customers may only earn one referral credit per referred person. In the event a referred person returns a purchased item and their lifetime order value decreases below the minimum purchase amount, the referral credit awarded to the referring customer may be rescinded. Customers may not refer someone who has an existing https://www.caratlane.us account under an alternate email address.

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8) Diamond related FAQ:

1. What are the 4Cs?

The 4Cs are Cut, Carat, Clarity and Color. Each of these define the quality, sheen and size of the diamond. Cut is the faceting of the diamond, essentially the way it has been cut, the angles and the proportions that determine the sparkle of the diamond. Carat determines the weight and size of the diamond. It’s the most visible C that you as a layperson can determine. Clarity is the size and positioning of the microscopic imperfections naturally present in a diamond. Color is the whiteness of the diamond, the best color for a diamond is it being completely colorless.

2. Which C is most important?

It depends on what you’re going for. The Cut is the most important for brilliance. It is responsible for the way a diamond sparkles. Cut is classified as poor, fair, good, very good and excellent. Color is a personal preference and can vary from white to more yellow or brown. Clarity is important for the clean appearance and Carat is important when factoring in size.

3. What is a presentation solitaire?

A presentation solitaire is a simple solitaire setting with a diamond in it. It’s a temporary setting engagement ring to present to your partner while proposing.

4. How do I choose a diamond?

While choosing a diamond, use the 4Cs to judge the diamond. Having the guidance of a GIA-trained CaratLane staff member can also help you choose the right diamond.

5. How do I choose an engagement ring style?

Depending upon your style, you can choose your ring. CaratLane offers different filters for you to be able to select the perfect ring for yourself or your partner. Simply choose the filters as per your taste and it will show you the styles that you may like.

6. How can I tell if the diamond is real?

The most accurate way to tell if a diamond is real is by consulting an expert gemologist who has the tools to check, or by requesting the diamond certificate from the jeweller. You can also do some home tests such as the sandpaper test or the water test.

7. What shape should I choose?

You can choose the shape based on your preference. CaratLane offers a wide range of shapes for diamonds that suit all hand types.

8. Can I customise my diamond jewelry?

Yes. Please share your requirements and designs with our customer support team here and we will get back to you with the possibilities.

9) Category related FAQ


1. What are stud earrings?

Stud earrings are small, minimal ear pieces that have only one pin that goes through the earlobes, securing the diamond or metal right in front of the earlobe.

2. What are drop earrings?

As the name suggests, drop earrings are those that ‘drop’ down from the earlobe.

3. What are Jhumkas?

Jhumka earrings are Indian traditional bell-shaped drop earrings.

4. What are earcuffs?

Earcuffs are large earrings that begin at the earlobe and continue onto the helix. The piercing is only at the center of the earlobe.

5 .What are suidhaga earrings?

‘Suidhaga’ means needle and thread in Hindi, and so these long chained earrings literally go through the earlobe and thread all the way through to the other side, suspending on both sides of the earlobe.

6 .Which style of earrings will suit my ears best?

Depending on the size of your ears, you can choose what looks best. For instance, if you have small ears/earlobes, large studs or earcuffs may not fit and may hang off the ears.

7 .What size of earrings will suit my ears best?

If you have small sized ears/earlobes, large studs or earcuffs may not fit and may hang off the ears which could result in injury. If you have large sized ears or earlobes, you can attempt to wear bigger statement earrings.

8. Who can I gift earrings to?

Earrings are a wonderful gift for anyone who has pierced ears. You can gift earrings to your family or friends irrespective of age, they’re a symbol of affection.


1. What is a mangalsutra?

A mangalsutra is a traditional black and gold Indian necklace which the bride is made to wear by the groom during the Mangalya Dharanam ceremony and is a symbol of the woman’s marital status.

2. What metals and stones are used in a mangalsutra?

The Mangalsutra is traditionally made with gold and black beads.

3. How long should my mangalsutra be?

This is a personal preference. A standard chain is 16 inches, but many people prefer to keep it shorter or longer than that.

4. What is the latest mangalsutra design?

The latest mangalsutra designs keep shifting from year to year and at CaratLane, you will find a range of modern mangalsutras that incorporate the latest designs.

5. Are diamonds necessary in a mangalsutra?

No, traditionally, mangalsutras have always been either solid gold or gold with black beads.

6. What is a modern mangalsutra?

A modern mangalsutra is a mangalsutra designed as per the latest design trends.

7. How is a modern mangalsutra different from traditional mangalsutra?

The only difference is in the design. Certain traditional mangalsutras are made up of only gold, but modern mangalsutras could include black beads as well as varied cuts of diamonds.

Mangalsutra bracelets:

1. What are mangalsutra bracelets?

Mangalsutra bracelets are simply mangalsutras in a bracelet form. It is a modern way of following through with old traditions without disrespecting them.

2. How is a mangalsutra bracelet different from a traditional mangalsutra?

The only difference between the necklace and the bracelet is the placement of it. There is no difference in the composition or meaning of it. It still symbolises the marital status of a woman.

3.Are mangalsutra bracelets made of the same gems and metals as a mangalsutra necklace?



1. How can I measure my ring size?

You can visit your nearest local jewelry store to get your ring size checked or click here to measure your ring size at home.

2. How can I make a matching wedding band for my engagement ring?

You can find your perfect wedding band and engagement ring set by opting for the same metals and choosing similar designs for both rings. If you’d like a clear distinction between the two then you can opt for different metals and colours for the two rings.

3. How do I get my partner’s ring size without them knowing?

There are a few ways in which you can do this, the first could be asking their friends and family to find out for you. If that seems too obvious, you can head to any jewelry store (doesn’t have to be expensive), and you both can try out different rings for fun. You could sneak in and learn about their ring size. If your partner already wears rings, you can take one of their rings as your reference, remember the ring must be for their ring finger. A third unconventional way could be to measure their finger while they’re asleep. Of course, this is only possible if your partner is a deep sleeper. You can wrap a piece of string around their finger while they sleep and make a mark on the string where the strings meet.

4. What is the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring?

Traditionally, an engagement ring is the one you give during the proposal and a wedding ring is usually a wedding band you give to each other during the ceremony while exchanging vows.

5. In what order should I place rings on my finger?

Between the wedding band and the engagement ring, the wedding band goes first. As it symbolises the bond between you and your partner, it is placed closer to the heart. It is traditionally worn on the 4th finger of your left hand.

6. How do I select a ring based on my ring finger shape and size?

Every finger shape has a ring that looks better on it.

  • Longer fingers: Most styles will suit these fingers. Cushion cut diamonds or princess cut diamonds are usually more popular on them.
  • Slender and long fingers: Usually, wider settings suit long and slender fingers, though marquise diamonds can help accentuate the length.
  • Full and long fingers: Diamonds set in a vertical manner usually suit these fingers best as they draw the eye towards the length of the finger.
  • Full and small fingers: Oval, emerald or pear shaped diamonds suit this finger type. You could additionally try princess cut diamonds too.

7. Is ring engraving available on CaratLane?

Yes, we do provide engraving for selected ring designs. You can get in touch with us here to check for the possibility of specific engravings.

Kids jewelry:

1. Does CaratLane offer kids jewelry?

Yes, CaratLane has a specially designed range of kids jewelry which is childsafe and.

2. Can I replace kids jewelry in case of an allergic reaction?

We aim to make our customers happy and to accommodate them however I can. You can reach out to us within 15 days from the delivery and we can exchange or refund it.

3. How do I pick the right earrings for a kid?

Kids’ jewelry should always be bought bearing a few parameters in mind:

  • Always make sure the child isn’t allergic to the metal you are planning to buy for them.
  • Choose 14 Karat gold plated jewelry or platinum.
  • Always ensure that the earrings have a screw-back fastener as they’re more secure and will avoid any unforeseen circumstances such as being lost or being swallowed.
  • Choose the jewelry depending upon the child’s age and personality. If the child is fidgety, restless or active, consider smaller pieces that won’t restrict their movement.

4. What is the right piece of jewelry for my kid?

If your child is an active one, make sure to buy small jewelry that also fastens well. If your child is not too active, you should still make sure to buy secure jewelry but you can also try to go for bigger pieces. Consider your child’s preferences before buying the kid’s jewelry.


1. How do I measure my neck size?

You can use a soft tape measure to measure your neck size. If you don’t have a tape measure, you can wrap a ribbon around your neck and mark it where the ends meet. Then, lay the ribbon against a ruler or a yardstick to determine the approximate neck size.

2. What is a statement neck piece?

Statement necklaces are handcrafted large necklaces with intricate details and are made from a variety of precious materials.

3. Can you mix different colored metals while stacking necklaces?

Of course! Mixing different colored metals can make your style even more trendy. There’s no rule that says you can’t wear two different colored metals. It’s all about stacking with different lengths and thickness.

4. How do I stop my necklaces from tangling?

While stacking necklaces, wear necklaces of altering lengths and thicknesses. This will keep them from tangling. While storing necklaces, make sure to keep the necklaces on hooks or velvet boxes.

5. Are the necklaces made of pure gold?

The purity of gold can be calculated with “karat” or “k” while the karat of the pure gold is 24 karat.Caratlane necklaces are not exactly 24k, these are in 14kt,18kt & 22kt.