Gemstone Guide

With more than a rainbow of colors to choose from, it’s as exciting as being a kid in a candy store!



"Garnet’s virtues have been long believed to include passion, friendship, success, loyalty, and faith."

Fiery oranges, royal greens, and hues of purples and pinks - Garnet’s got it all. If you’re a January baby, you’re in for a treat! With so many varieties to pick from, uplift your spirit with your favorite hue.



"Amethyst is said to be associated with qualities of peace, courage, and stability."

Picture yourself standing in the middle of the Lavender Fields in Provence in July, when they’re in full bloom. Well, obviously since we can’t transport you to France as a birthday present, we’re happy to make it up to you with calming and pretty Amethyst jewelry.



"Aquamarine: a timeless symbol of youth, health and hope."

Sea, salt, sun, and everything fun! These aqua-blue colored babies give us all the beachy feels. Though who needs Vitamin Sea, when you’ve got Aquamarine?



"Considered as a paramount of gestures, it’s a symbol of eternal and endless love."

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Well, they’re right. :)

Fun fact - 99% of women said that they’d love diamonds as gifts… The remaining 1%? Well,  they lied!




"Emerald, known as the gem of Venus, is considered to be a strong symbol of the bonds of love and rebirth."

Royal. Bold. Elegant. For all our Queens out there, there’s no other way to slay the royalty quotient in your closet than killer emeralds!



"Pearl is a symbol of purity and innocence."

Be it a pair of ripped denim, a blazer, or a basic tee: Pearl is a one-stop solution to give you that edgy look you’ve been wanting.

PS: We secretly believe that Pearls were made so Mermaids could have some fun accessorizing! ‘Cause, why should humans have all the fun? :P



"Ruby, the King of Gemstones, is said to represent love, courage, and passion"

Are you looking to sweep your S.O. off her feet? We played Cupid and thought you should give your romance… Well, a chance!

Rubies and Romance, don’t think there’s a better pair out there :)

Oh-oh, we’d throw in a bunch of roses too, if we were you <3




"Peridot is a happy stone. It is known to bring happiness, warmth, and emotional strength in the lives of the wearers."

Freshly mowed grass, Palm Trees, St Patrick’s Day, Shrek, Avocado, and Peridot: what’s the one thing all these things have in common you ask? Happiness! Oh, and a whole lotta green! :)



"Sapphires are believed to focus the mind, encourage self-discipline, and channel higher powers."

Nothing speaks royal like a true blue sapphire. Psst… It’s also Queen Bey’s birthstone. Coincidence? We think not ;)



"Till date, Tourmaline is believed to protect one against evil forces, toxins, pollutants, and all negative energy."

Who are we? October babies

What do we like? A rainbow of colors

How do we like it? In our jewelry!



"Part of the Quartz family, Citrine is famously known as the Healing Quartz. It helps to support vitality and promote health."

When life gives us lemons, we do a couple of things - 1. Get inspiration for super chic citrine jewelry 2. Make detox water (Gotta stay hydrated)

Blue Topaz


"Blue Topaz, being a symbol of love, is said to foster kindness and a sweet nature."

Blue Topaz is known for its amazing aqua blue shade. You know that feeling when you look up at the sky on a clear day and just sigh a happy sigh? Well, that’s what we call the Blue Topaz feeling!

Shop away, the sky's the limit...

How to Care for Your Gems:

  • Let’s get straight to it: Clean your birthstone jewelry! No excuses.
  • Do not soak your pearls, corals, or turquoise jewelry in water. We repeat, abort the mission!
  • Humidity and moisture? Trust us, they ain’t your jewelry’s BFFs.
  • Swimming, bathing, 5k runs, and spin class - all great for your body! For your birthstones? Umm not so much!
  • Hair spray, lotion, and perfume are Date Night Prep 101s; they’re not Birthstone Care 101
  • Got yourself a pretty string of pearls? Don’t forget to get them restrung every other year or so.