Jewelry Guide

An easy way to fine jewelry

Widen your sparkly horizons at CaratLane. We’re all about helping you find that undeniably perfect choice. There are various categories of jewelry made with different types of metals that have unique personalities of their own, and we bet we can find something that best suits yours. Don’t worry, in a vast sea of options, we’re going to be your lighthouse. :)

1. Pick the Right Metal

White Gold

Gold when blended with white hued metals creates the popular White Gold! It’s our favorite choice for all things wedding! What we love about white gold is the vintage wedding feels it has that’s just impossible to resist. Diamonds mounted on white gold bands are what “happily ever after”s are made up of!

CaratLane Hint - White gold complements most of the gemstones. Be it Sapphires, Emeralds, or Topaz, you can’t go wrong when you pair them with white gold.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a gorgeous blend of gold with a small percentage of copper which adds strength and durability. It’s basically gold with a kick of pretty and is what all the cool kids are sporting these days! We just love how these trendy pink hued stunners have taken the fashion world by storm.

CaratLane Hint - Diamonds shine bright against the pink hue, so if you’re all about that extra sparkle, go ahead and get yourself some rosé :)

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is the au naturel version of gold. We love that warm, soothing glow that fills us with a whole lotta happiness. It’s super pleasing to the eye and complements most skin tones.

CaratLane Hint - Yellow Gold looks flawless on warmer skin tones. Also, diamonds set in yellow gold stand out due to their contrasting tones. So if you’re looking to get yourself that big rock, don’t hesitate with a yellow gold metal.


Platinum is a super sturdy white toned metal. It's an exquisite metal, and it's rarer than gold! You know what’s great about Platinum? It’s low maintenance!

CaratLane Hint - Platinum is highly resistant to scratches and hence, ideal for everyday wear (like engagement rings, maybe?)

2. Choose Your Diamond or Gemstone

Diamond Selection

Become a diamond expert in under 5 minutes

Learn About Diamond >

Gemstone Selection

So many colours to know about and choose from

Learn About Gemstones >


For rings the more, the merrier. Multiple and stacked rings are grouped together and worn on different fingers for a nice style statement.

CaratLane Style Tip:

Let your personality shine through your rings by mixing a variety of colours & designs. The rainbow awaits...minus the unicorns though ;)


Accentuate your look with earrings! From everyday studs to statement-making drops, take your pick.

Pendants and Necklaces

We think pendants and necklaces were the answers to our fashion prayers! Think your outfit is a little dull? We’ve got you covered.


Elegant and classic aren’t the only choice you have these days. We have you some fabulous bracelets that come in all metal colours, and are super quirky to accessorize with.

Jewelry Care

  • Your CaratLane jewelry is all about that ‘sun kissed skin and wind in my hair’ kinda feeling (sans makeup, is what we mean). Exposing precious metals like gold and platinum to the chemicals in cosmetics may damage or discolor it. So wear your CaratLane after you’ve applied your cosmetics.

  • Your jewelry is not a fan of water. Remove your jewelry when you go swimming or while doing household chores.

  • To keep your jewelry sparkly and shiny, give it a spa treatment every once in a while. Some warm water, a gentle soap, a soft brush and lots of love is all your CaratLane needs :)

  • Keep your pearls pretty and shiny by using a soft makeup brush with warm soapy water to clean them. Leave them to naturally dry on a towel.

  • Storing your jewelry in separate boxes reduces the chances of scratches and tangles.

  • Keep your jewelry warm and comfy by wrapping it up and storing it in a fabric-lined box, away from moisture.