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    Deepika Solitaire Mangalsutra
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Frequently asked questions


1. What is a mangalsutra?

A mangalsutra is a traditional black and gold Indian necklace which the bride is made to wear by the groom during the Mangalya Dharanam ceremony and is a symbol of the woman’s marital status.

2. What metals and stones are used in a mangalsutra?

The Mangalsutra is traditionally made with gold and black beads.

3. How long should my mangalsutra be?

This is a personal preference. A standard chain is 16 inches, but many people prefer to keep it shorter or longer than that.

4. What is the latest mangalsutra design?

The latest mangalsutra designs keep shifting from year to year and at CaratLane, you will find a range of modern mangalsutras that incorporate the latest designs.

5. Are diamonds necessary in a mangalsutra?

No, traditionally, mangalsutras have always been either solid gold or gold with black beads.

6. What is a modern mangalsutra?

A modern mangalsutra is a mangalsutra designed as per the latest design trends.

7. How is a modern mangalsutra different from traditional mangalsutra?

The only difference is in the design. Certain traditional mangalsutras are made up of only gold, but modern mangalsutras could include black beads as well as varied cuts of diamonds.