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  1. As low as $159 Regular Price $199
    Infinity Fore Life Diamond Rin ...
  2. As low as $669 Regular Price $779
    Eliot Diamond Band for Men
  3. As low as $399 Regular Price $499
    Isabel Halo Diamond Ring
  4. As low as $229 Regular Price $319
    Orb Quad Diamond Ring
  5. As low as $259 Regular Price $359
    Duo Flare Diamond Ring
  6. As low as $189 Regular Price $239
    Sparkle Intertwined Diamond Ri ...
  7. As low as $109 Regular Price $139
    Wavy Stackable Gold Ring
  8. As low as $179 Regular Price $259
    Pearl Spade Diamond Ring
  9. As low as $489 Regular Price $599
    Megan Platinum Band for Her
  10. As low as $779 Regular Price $969
    Denrich Platinum Band for Men
  11. As low as $169 Regular Price $249
    Divine Evil Eye Diamond Ring
  12. As low as $139 Regular Price $169
    Ira Cutout Gemstone Ring
  13. As low as $269 Regular Price $409
    Springtime Diamond Ring
  14. As low as $329 Regular Price $429
    Petite Fern Diamond Ring
  15. As low as $359 Regular Price $479
    Trine Cluster Diamond Ring
  16. As low as $299 Regular Price $389
    Rosy Drop Gemstone Ring
  17. As low as $179 Regular Price $239
    Petite Shine Diamond Ring
  18. As low as $179 Regular Price $229
    Quad Miracle Plate Diamond Rin ...
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Items 1-18 of 309

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Frequently asked questions


1. How can I measure my ring size?

You can visit your nearest local jewelry store to get your ring size checked or click here to measure your ring size at home.

2. How can I make a matching wedding band for my engagement ring?

You can find your perfect wedding band and engagement ring set by opting for the same metals and choosing similar designs for both rings. If you’d like a clear distinction between the two then you can opt for different metals and colours for the two rings.

3. How do I get my partner’s ring size without them knowing?

There are a few ways in which you can do this, the first could be asking their friends and family to find out for you. If that seems too obvious, you can head to any jewelry store (doesn’t have to be expensive), and you both can try out different rings for fun. You could sneak in and learn about their ring size. If your partner already wears rings, you can take one of their rings as your reference, remember the ring must be for their ring finger. A third unconventional way could be to measure their finger while they’re asleep. Of course, this is only possible if your partner is a deep sleeper. You can wrap a piece of string around their finger while they sleep and make a mark on the string where the strings meet.

4. What is the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring?

Traditionally, an engagement ring is the one you give during the proposal and a wedding ring is usually a wedding band you give to each other during the ceremony while exchanging vows.

5. In what order should I place rings on my finger?

Between the wedding band and the engagement ring, the wedding band goes first. As it symbolises the bond between you and your partner, it is placed closer to the heart. It is traditionally worn on the 4th finger of your left hand.

6. How do I select a ring based on my ring finger shape and size?

Every finger shape has a ring that looks better on it.

  • Longer fingers: Most styles will suit these fingers. Cushion cut diamonds or princess cut diamonds are usually more popular on them.
  • Slender and long fingers: Usually, wider settings suit long and slender fingers, though marquise diamonds can help accentuate the length.
  • Full and long fingers: Diamonds set in a vertical manner usually suit these fingers best as they draw the eye towards the length of the finger.
  • Full and small fingers: Oval, emerald or pear shaped diamonds suit this finger type. You could additionally try princess cut diamonds too.

7. Is ring engraving available on CaratLane?

Yes, we do provide engraving for selected ring designs. You can get in touch with us here to check for the possibility of specific engravings.