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Frequently asked questions


1. Does CaratLane offer kids jewelry?

Yes, CaratLane has a specially designed range of kids jewelry which is childsafe and.

2. Can I replace kids jewelry in case of an allergic reaction?

We aim to make our customers happy and to accommodate them however I can. You can reach out to us within 15 days from the delivery and we can exchange or refund it.

3. How do I pick the right earrings for a kid?

Kids’ jewelry should always be bought bearing a few parameters in mind:

  • Always make sure the child isn’t allergic to the metal you are planning to buy for them.
  • Choose 14 Karat gold plated jewelry or platinum.
  • Always ensure that the earrings have a screw-back fastener as they’re more secure and will avoid any unforeseen circumstances such as being lost or being swallowed.
  • Choose the jewelry depending upon the child’s age and personality. If the child is fidgety, restless or active, consider smaller pieces that won’t restrict their movement.

4. What is the right piece of jewelry for my kid?

If your child is an active one, make sure to buy small jewelry that also fastens well. If your child is not too active, you should still make sure to buy secure jewelry but you can also try to go for bigger pieces. Consider your child’s preferences before buying the kid’s jewelry.